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Barbero Salon is one of the most powerful brands in the field of hair and beauty care in Kanpur, which has given a new horizon to hair styling. It is emerging as the biggest beauty salon in Kanpur. With over 50 employees, Barbero Salon makes sure that everyone's skills are further refined at least once a year. Barbero Salon has evolved over the years; It has been a habit of Barbero Salon to adopt new techniques and styles while constantly updating its stylists with the ever-increasing trends in the city. Barbero Salon strives to educate and train its stylists about the latest techniques and styles with state-of-the-art technology, by sending stylists to different classes and participating in various events across all styles. Today Barbero Salon is at the pinnacle in the city of Kanpur .

" i took Aasif Aaki's appointment for trimming my beard! my search for barbershop is finally over."



+91 – 7379846713